For more information, contact: Tom Yancey (661) 242-1094,

Why become involved?

We are a small mountain community, surrounded by beautiful National Forests. We enjoy a full four seasons with grand snow covered mountains and a self reliance sense of community. Because of our surroundings and weather, we are not immune to fire, flooding, mudslides, inaccessibility, geological, and other un-controllable events. We have faced the facts that in an emergency situation, we may have to respond with our own, community based team and resources. If you are a part of the PMC Community, you have a vested interest in the outcome and success of our training and response efforts. “ Everyone has a dog in this hunt”.

Other Local Contacts-


PMC Patrol – (661) 242-3857

PMC Fire Station – (661) 242-3702

Clubhouse 24-hour line – (661) 242-3788

PMC weather & roads – (661) 242-4017

Kern County Sheriff (661) 245-3440

Poison Control – (800) 222-1222

CHP Road Conditions/Highway Info – (800) 427-7623

Electrical Outage/Powerline – 800-611-1911

US Forest Service – (661) 245-3449

Animal Control – (661) 763-2474

To sign up for Ready Kern, the emergency notification system, please visit

You can email the PMC Patrol commander at