Why become involved?

We are a small mountain community, surrounded by beautiful National Forests. We enjoy a full four seasons with grand snow covered mountains and a self-reliance sense of community. Because of our surroundings and weather, we are not immune to fire, flooding, mudslides, inaccessibility, geological, and other uncontrollable events. We have faced the facts that in an emergency situation, we may have to respond with our own, community based team and resources. If you are a part of the PMC Community, you have a vested interest in the outcome and success of our training and response efforts. “ Everyone has a dog in this hunt”.

Other Local Contacts-

EMERGENCIES – 911                  

PMC Patrol – (661) 242-3857

PMC Fire Station – (661) 242-3702 

Clubhouse 24-hour line – (661) 242-3788         

PMC weather & roads – (661) 242-4017                           

Kern County Sheriff (661) 245-3440                  

Poison Control – (800) 222-1222                 

CHP Road Conditions/Highway Info – (800) 427-7623         

Electrical Outage/Powerline – 800-611-1911                  

US Forest Service – (661) 245-3449              

Animal Control – (661) 763-2474              

To sign up for Ready Kern, the emergency notification system, please visit

You can email the PMC Patrol commander at