Why become involved?

We are a small mountain community, surrounded by beautiful National Forests. We enjoy a full four seasons with grand snow covered mountains and a self-reliance sense of community. Because of our surroundings and weather, we are not immune to fire, flooding, mudslides, inaccessibility, geological, and other uncontrollable events. We have faced the facts that in an emergency situation, we may have to respond with our own, community based team and resources. If you are a part of the PMC Community, you have a vested interest in the outcome and success of our training and response efforts. “ Everyone has a dog in this hunt”.

Current Members-

Kern County Fire Department 661-242-3702 KCFD Station 58

Novosel, Nicholas - Program Manager CERT 11

Zadykian, Natalie - Co-Coordinator CERT 30

McInerney, Jim - Co-Coordinator CERT 55

Glaseman, Steve - Training CERT 08

Barrios, John CERT 14

Barrios, Theresa CERT 21

Bennett, Brent CERT 43

Bridgers, Raymond CERT 50

Burrill, Casey CERT 16

Burrill, Kristin CERT 17

Calasa, Jean CERT 09

Duquette, Diane CERT 53

Forystek, Henrietta CERT 54

Gabriel, Philip CERT 45

Glaseman, M. J. CERT 07

Gomez, Bill CERT 19

Harrigan, Judy CERT 29

Hedlund, Patric CERT 20

Johnston, Deanie CERT 51

Krasnove, Keith CERT 37

Maples, Susan CERT 13

McCleery, Lesley CERT 38

Minter, Patti CERT 56

Morton, Heath CERT 33

Neiman, Julia CERT 44

Peters, Ted CERT 57

Reinhart, Maggie CERT 26

Reinhart, Ron CERT 27

Sawrey, Ian CERT 34

Tamulonis, Paul CERT 35

Trungale, Charlie CERT 28

Wiseman, Barbara CERT 60

Wright, Michelle CERT 42

Yancey, Dayne CERT 24

Yancey, Tom CERT 25

Zadykian, Vadim CERT 31